Port Douglas Social Media Marketing - Facebook & Instagram Ads

Using social media marketing, your business can create customer engagement, increase brand awareness and improve website traffic.

With the right social campaign your business will generate extra sales and new enquiries.
We will research your target audience, suggest the best social media tools and the right content to post to your current and future customers.

Social Media does work. We can show you which content has the best response just like the Port Douglas image by Stephen Nutt above.


As of the first quarter of 2015, Facebook had 1.44 billion monthly active users. 4 billion videos are watched on Facebook each day.

It offers a number of different ways to advertise.



Owned by Facebook, Instagram stats show 26% of all online adults use this free photo sharing app.

It is designed for smartphones but can be installed on tablet devices.



At the end of 2014, Twitter averaged 288 million monthly active users.

It is referred to as a 'microblog' allowing a maximum of 140 characters per post plus photos.



Google+ connects you to others via Communities and helps you keep those interests separate with Circles.

Between 4-6 million people regularly engage, interact, and post publicly on Google+.



YouTube is the number one place for viewing web video content. It is also the world's second largest search engine processing more than 3 billion searches a month.

By creating and uploading videos you can reach more than 1 billion users.



Pinterest allows businesses to showcase their products by unique pinboards.

Pinterest has about 70 million users of which 42% are female.